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The Original Curved
Shower Rod That Rotates
Enjoy 33% More Shower Space
-- and in One Flip --
A Roomier Bathroom, Too.

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The next evolution for the Curved Shower Rod is here! Now you can enjoy 33% more space in your shower AND, create a roomier bathroom, too.

Curved shower rods are in all major hotels for one good reason...they work! You get the immediate feeling of luxury and space as soon as you step into the shower. But you may have noticed a problem - that is, the very space you gain in your shower, you lose in your bathroom. Well, no more! Now you can create flexible, convertible space in your bathroom so you can enjoy the benefits of a fixed curved rod PLUS all the advantages of the only patented rod that rotates!

  • Space & Luxury - enjoy 33% more room in your shower and a roomier bathroom with just a flip of the rod.
  • High & Dry - drip dry wet clothes in the tub, not on the floor - just rotate the rod to the 'in' position and keep your floors dry!
  • Clean & Fresh - our unique Quick-Dry Shower Liner hangs freely and dries quickly. Because this liner is shorter in lenght than the standard, it prevents bunching up and collecting water at the bottom of the tub where mold and mildew flourish. May be used with straight or curved rods, but the drying action of free flowing air is maximized with the Rotator Rod in the 'in' position.
  • Quick & Easy - the handy Rod Reacher comes free with every Rotator Rod, allowing easy reach and smooth rotation, creating flexible space where you need it.
  • Safe & Secure - with No-Drill Adapters, the Rotator Rod is the only shower rod able to be securely and permanently fastened to hard surfaces without drilling holes in expensive tile or stone. When you're ready to remove, a wrench, some elbow grease and acetone will do the job.