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Give the Gift of Bathroom Space for the Holidays

beautiful white shower with subway tile, floating shower caddies, plants, luxurious bathroom products... Give the Gift of Bathroom Space for the Holidays from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Instead of going into a a present-induced panic or a shopping fa-la-la-frenzy this holiday season, get your holiday shopping done early with gifts everyone will absolutely love! Your family will be thrilled by these sophisticated presents that fix something we all struggle with but have trouble rectifying: the luxurious gift of bathroom space. No one can afford to give bathroom remodels to all their loved ones... but you can give these products that more effectively use bathroom space.

floating shower caddy with luxurious body products... Give the Gift of Bathroom Space for the Holidays from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

The gift of bathroom space is the perfect holiday present because it is part home improvement and part peace of mind. It's also fixes up the most neglected room in the house! Shower organizers are great holiday gifts that pack a one-two punch: they make showers seem bigger while looking more stylish and upscale. Advise the giftee to install it higher on the shower walls to make the space look taller than it actually is, like Pottery Barn did with their collection of shower caddies in the two photos above. Tension rod shower caddies are another way to save and elongate shower space. If you like the look of free floating shower shelves and caddies but are worried about drilling into shower tile or granite, there are plenty of No Drilling Required options available!

feminine light pink and white bathroom with floating sink, cast iron shelving units...  Give the Gift of Bathroom Space for the Holidays from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod


fun small teal and pink bathroom with extra storage space...  Give the Gift of Bathroom Space for the Holidays from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Upgrading or downsizing bathroom furniture is a great way to give the gift of space to loved ones this holiday season. Like shower caddies, the right bathroom furniture can make a bathroom seem bigger and more stylish while using space more efficiently. Ikea has a ton of less expensive shelving and organizing options, as you can see in these bathroom photos from their site. Moving the bathroom vanity from the middle of the wall to a corner and downsizing to a small vanity, pedestal sink, or wall mounted sink is another option that will lead to a more spacious bathroom.


One of the only bathroom products that was specifically invented to save space is the Rotator Rod, the original curved shower rod that rotates. The Rotator Rod will let your loved ones enjoy the luxurious space that a traditional curved shower rod provides. Then, with just a twist of the wrist, the curve of the shower rod flips into the tub for an instantly roomier bathroom, too! This is the perfect way for people with small bathrooms to enjoy a luxuriously large shower by just swapping out the old shower rod without losing precious bathroom space, remodeling, or flat out moving! The Rotator Rod can even be ordered online. Getting ready for the day in a luxuriously large shower and bathroom puts you in a completely different mindset than in a tiny, cramped one. You won't believe how many sincere "Thank you!"s you will receive when you give this unique present!


Giving the gift of space is a unique and thoughtful way to show your loved ones you care this holiday season. It's not a boring gift card that can only be used once or gadget that will quickly be outdated; giving the gift of bathroom space is an everyday life improvement!

How do you use your bathroom space more efficiently? What are you giving to your loved ones this holiday season? Tell us what you think in the comments section below and join the conversation on social media now!

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