Matching Your Halloween Candy to Your Personality. – Rotator Rod

Matching Your Halloween Candy to Your Personality.

Can you believe its almost Halloween? Seriously people, where did 2013 go??!!!

In celebration of the "sweetest" (pun definitely intended) holiday, I thought I'd share with you this infographic that I recently stumbled upon. Apparently (albeit not surprisingly), the candy you give out on Halloween does affect, both positively and negatively, how your neighbors...and their children think of you.

Take a look at the infographic below and see where you match up!

Matching Your Halloween Candy to Your Personality from The Bathroom Bliss Blog by Rotator Rod, The Original Curved Shower Rod that Rotates for more space in the bathroom AND in the shower!
The only fault that I have with this funny infographic is that it doesn't talk about Krackel! Krackel if you're not aware is the Hershey Miniature with the red wrapper. It's beyond delicious and renders all other Hershey's Miniatures irrelevant. That's right Mr. Goodbar you're an absolute joke!
Happy Halloween Everyone! Oh and...give 'em Krackel!


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