No-Drill Adapters: Don't Ruin Your Shower Tile While Installing A Show – Rotator Rod

No-Drill Adapters: Don't Ruin Your Shower Tile While Installing A Shower Rod

Installing A Shower Rod in Tile or Stone  Usually Requires A Drill and All Too Often Results in Broken Tile.  

Avoid This Nighmare. 

The Rotator Rod is the ONLY Shower Rod That Can Be Installed Without Drilling Holes.  

Broken Tile From Curved Rod Installation Gone Bad

Each Rotator Rod comes with a set of anchors and screws for mounting on drywall with only a Phillips screwdriver.  If you are planning to install your rod on a hard surface such as tile, stone or fiberglass, you will need to 1) use a drill to insert the anchors in your tile or 2) purchase a No-Drill Adapter kit.

No-Drill Adapters (NDAs) are a mounting system that uses patented copper plates and an adhesive, rather than screws to install your Rotator Rod.  By using NDAs you won't have to drill damaging holes in your hard surface.

Facts About NDAs 

  • Are used for permanent installation on hard surfaces:  tile, stone, fiberglass
  • Is considered a permanent mounting system although if the plates need to be removed, that can be accomplished with a little effort and a some acetone (nail polish remover).  
  • Made by a German company called Nie Wieder Boren, who owns the patent
  • Are provided exclusively to Rotator Rod for shower rod installation.  This No-Drill Plate is made to fit Rotator Rod Curved Shower Rods only.
  • Was originally designed for use in the aeronautics industry for use on planes
  • Works great on surfaces that are bumpy like rough-cut marble or stone
  • The adhesive is very strong and will peel away anything with multiple layers so it should NOT be used on wallboard or painted surfaces.  
  • Watch this You Tube Video on installation.



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