Size Matters - Custom Sizes For Your Curved Shower Rod

If you don't want  the hassles of a tension shower rod you don't have many options. That's where we come in.  

The Rotator Rod, with it's unique ability to rotate in and out, can be custom fitted to most tub/shower sizes.  Each stock Rotator Rod fits a "standard" tub opening measuring 58.5 - 60". But if you happen to have a shower/tub opening smaller (43" - 58.5") or larger (60" - 72") we can provide a Custom Cut rod that will work perfectly!  

For shorter rods, we cut each half of the rod equally, then re-drill new holes for the stabilizing pins.   To make longer rods, we cut and insert a precisely fitted piece of rod with our patented lock-tight system assuring the strength and Smooth Glide/No-Bump qualities of the rod are preserved.  

In addition, the Rotator Rod has a 1.5" adjustability built in.  Each end has a retractable Insert that automatically adjusts to smaller variations in width.   We recommend you measure your opening even if you have a "standard" tub.  Sometimes thicker tile is used or even multiple layers of wall board have been installed over time.