Unique Vanities Blog: The Rotator Rod as a Small Bathroom Solution

The Rotator Rod rotating, curved shower curtain rod was just featured on Unique Vanities Blog!

Unique Vanities Blog is a resource for all things bathroom-related but offers especially fantastic bathroom remodeling advice.

This particular blog post discusses the first-hand experience of the luxury and additional shower space a curved shower curtain rod provides. For most people with small bathrooms, however, the bathroom space a curved shower rod wastes is a deal breaker! An innovative solution to this small bathroom dilemma is the Rotator Rod, which gives you the luxury of a curved shower curtain rod while you shower, then rotates into the tub -- and out of the way! -- while you use the rest of the bathroom.

Read the full article from Unique Vanities Blog here. Thank you so much for featuring the Rotator Rod!