Rotating Curved Shower Rod In Rich Brushed Nickel Finish – Rotator Rod

Brushed Nickel Rotator Rod

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The Best of Both Worlds:  Space AND Luxury.  

Many of our customers have come to recognize The Rotator Rod™ as the smarter curved shower rod. Simply put, our rod gives you the best of both worlds, more room in your shower and more room in your bathroom too!

Through our one-of-a-kind curved rod and rotation system, Rotator Rod expands "elbow space" within an ordinary shower by 33%. Then when you are finished it stows away by rotating the rod back into the tub.  Viola!  A ROOMIER BATHROOM!

The Rotator Rod™ is both Luxurious AND Functional:

  • Creates an enjoyable, spa-like experience in your shower.
  • Perfect for small, cramped bathrooms.
  • Ideal for apartment dwellers!

Product Specifics:

  • Rotator Rod™ is adjustable on each end so it fits all standard tub openings (58.5-60 inches).

  • The Rotator Rod has an EXCLUSIVE 2-Piece 'NO BUMP' Rod so your curtain glides smoothly across the length of the rod without getting snagged.
  • Installation takes 15 minutes or less.
  • Order comes with:  No-rust 22 g Stainless Steel curved shower rod, easy-mount Rotator Rod wall mounts, mounting hardware, and a free Rod Reacher.

Additional Benefits:

  • Drip dry towels and clothing with ease while the rod is in the “in” position. The drips will drain into the tub, instead of onto your bathroom floor.