7 Reasons Anyone Would Buy a Shower Rod

Till now, there have only been 7 reasons anyone would buy a new shower rod.  Here they are....but now there's one more, and it changes everything.

  1. You're moving

  • Rust, rust, rust

    1. Tension rod is sliding down the wall
    2. Need more shower space - curtain is sticking to your wet body (yuck)
    3. Curved rod is taking up too much bathroom space
    4. Shower hooks snagging on the ledge in the middle of the rod
    5. You're renovating

    Reasons you thought you couldn't

    1. You don't want to drill into tile/stone 
    2. You rent your home 
    3. Installation is too hard

    Now there's a new Rod in town and it has one BIG difference - it moves - and that changes everything!  The very idea of what a meager shower rod does will make you think twice about upgrading your shower rod.