...A Little Bit Country Mason Jar Bathroom Set – Rotator Rod

...A Little Bit Country Mason Jar Bathroom Set

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5 Piece Mason Jar Bathroom Set With Soap Dispenser. Mason Jar Decor Includes Soap Pump, Cotton Swab Holder, Tissue Holder, Toothbrush Holder, and Flower Holder.

Brand: Obsidian Home Creations (OHC)

Color: Color is variable. Jars can be made in 1 color or a mix of colors.

Details: Constantly looking for counter space on your cluttered bathroom counter as you are trying to get ready? Designed with busy, hardworking women in mind, these painted mason jars add organization to your hectic day!

This 5-piece mason jar set keeps everything in one place for fast and convenient use. This set is available in a wide variety of colors to make each set uniquely your own!

≡≡≡≡ SET INCLUDES ≡≡≡≡: 5 mason jars wrapped in twine
(1) Quart Mason Jar - flower jar
(1) Pint Soap Dispenser
(1) Pint Elite Mason Jar - tissue holder
(1) 12 oz Quilted Toothbrush Holder - scissor/razor holder
(1) 8 oz Elite Jelly Mason Jar - q-tip jar

And there's more!  You can choose colors and even additional peices.


Jars can be cleaned with soap and water. They are sealed in-house with a water-resistant wax to prevent paint deterioration and have been tested thoroughly for water resistance. The care instructions are to gently dab/wipe them down when necessary with a gentle cloth when they get wet. Not dishwasher safe.

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