Quik Dry Shower Curtain Liner for Curved and Straight shower rods. – Rotator Rod

Quik Dry Shower Liner

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The Quik-Dry Shower Liner can be used with any shower rod. It was designed to be 4” shorter than other liners to prevent it from bunching up at bottom of the tub where water collects and mold and mildew flourish. To take full advantage of it's quick drying capabilities use it in conjunction with The Rotator Rod because in the “in” position the Quick-Dry Shower Liner hangs freely away from the tub allowing air to circulate around it for thorough drying and a cleaner shower.  Then when the Rotator Rod is flipped into the 'out' position for showering, it's fresh and airy!  Made of mildew-resistant PEVA it stays clear and clean!

Benefits at a glance: 

  • Shorter length eliminates "bunching" at tub floor where water collects and promotes the growth of mold, mildew and scum. 
  • Instant Air Drying - in the 'in' position, the bottom edge of the liner hangs freely, not clinging to the tub, allowing air to flow easily and dry quickly
  • Can also be used with conventional, straight, or curved shower rods (70-72-inch width).