Rotator Rod | The Unique Space-Saving Curved Shower Rod

Rotator Rod In Real Life

Features & Benefits

  • More Shower Space
    a Roomier Bathroom

    Sure, all curved shower rods give you more space in the shower, BUT unlike other shower rods, the Rotator Rod flips up-and-over so it curves INTO the tub when you're not using it, making your bathroom instantly roomier!

    If you passed by the video earlier, scroll back up and take a look !

  • A Cleaner, Fresher Bathroom

    In its 'IN' position the Rotator Rod keeps your shower liner from clinging to the side of the tub so it can hang freely to dry. Air circulates behind it and water won't pool where mold and mildew tend to grow -- you know that ugly slimy black mold on the bottom of the liner that makes you cringe just reading about it!

Our most popular item

Our most popular item

This Rotator Rod with a Brushed Nickel Cap finish and White Accent Ball is our biggest seller!

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No-Drill Adapter

No-Drill Adapter

To permanently install a shower rod on tile, stone or fiberglass there are 2 ways to go:

      1) drill holes into the tile and screw into the tile

      2) use the patented No-Drill Adapter

The only shower rod that offers the No-Drill Adapter is the Rotator Rod. The choice is simple.

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Who will benefit from a Rotator Rod?

Everyone, of course!

Seriously, people who want the added space of a curved rod but don't want to give up precious bathroom space will LOVE this!

Anyone with tile, stone or fiberglass who doesn't want to drill, this is your only alternative to a tension rod...and we all know that use and gravity eventually bring tension rods down.

Who should NOT purchase a Rotator Rod?

Anyone with a drop ceiling that will not allow for the 9 inch clearance needed for the Rotator Rod to flip up-and-over.

People whose tub/shower openings are less than 40" or greater than 72"

Will my Rotator Rod rust?

No! The Rotator Rod is made of 22 g stainless steel and we have never had one reported to rust.

How adjustable is the Rotator Rod?

Well, a standard 60" tub is not really a full 60 inches. After drywall and tile are in place the typical tub ends up measuring between 58.5 and 60 inches. The exception is the all-in-one surround enclosures. They do tend to be a true 60 inches. There is a 1 1/2 inch adjustment allowance to the rod. At each end there are retractable inserts that slide in and out for this purpose.

Some may ask why it's not telescopic like most other rods and the answer is two fold. First, a telescopic rod has play in it. That is, it's not solid so the act of rotation over time makes the rod sag. The second reason is because it's a real pet peeve of mine when I pull the curtain back and forth and the rings either jump off the rod or get hung up there because of that ledge in the middle! Grrrrrr. Since I was doing the designing I got to make it better! Creating a 2-piece rod with a 'no bump' feature was one of the most challenging parts of this project!

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