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My name is Colleen and I'm going to tell you the story of the Rotator Rod and how it came to be...

FIRST, I am a Registered Nurse by education so I've traveled pretty far from my comfort zone on this journey of invention.  Let that be a word of encouragement for all of you out there with an idea waiting to be born!

LIVING with a small bathroom also meant living with a standard sized tub, so I began each day having to peel the shower curtain off my body, and experiencing the shock of cold air while drying off! I had enjoyed the extra room and luxury of curved shower rods found in hotels where I had stayed. I remembered those rods provided the space that I so needed AND enough room to dry off in the warmth of the shower. Figuring that was the answer, I bought a curved rod and happily installed it. But there was a problem; it took up too much room in my bathroom.   I discovered that whatever room was gained IN the shower, was lost OUTSIDE of the shower. Now my stubborn streak came out. I was determined to have the best of both worlds.

FAST FORWARD several months and there, mounted in my shower, was the first Rotator Rod. It was attached to the walls with closet sockets, bright orange Gatorade caps, furniture slides, lots of wire, glue and screws!

NEXT,  I set out to explore the possibility of production. This journey lead me down the paths of patents, attorneys, manufacturing, sales and distribution, retailers, websites, e-stores, catalogs, and TV…what a ride!

TODAY, I'm proud to report that the Original Rotator Rod is assembled by Hot Rods for Baths located in Sarasota, Florida. 

Thank you for allowing me to share my story and my product with you. I hope you enjoy them both.

Take Good Care,
Colleen O'Connell
Hot Rods for Baths, LLC


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