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A Touch of Holiday Luxury: The Bathrobe

Looking for an easy way to impress your house guests this holiday season?

Look no further than the bathrobe! Cosy, Soft, Warm, & Fussy...and of course luxurious, these robes will make your holiday guests feel like the kings of the castle!

Check out some of my bathrobe favorites below. Also, take note of some common bathrobe vocabulary words such as terry and velour.


Terrycloth robes are a staple. Although some may find them itchy and uncomfortabe, we can't deny the truth that these robes are extremely functional! Their loped cotton design allows for increased absorbance.



A common amenity in luxury hotels, velour bathrobes provide a touch of sophistication to any bathroom experience. Although they may not be as absorbent as terrycloth bathrobes, I can say without a doubt that these babies are soft! A good-quality velour bathrobe can cost you around $75 each.

Finally, are you looking to impress the little ones in your family? If so, check out these two bathrobes, one for boys and one for girls.

This Ralph Lauren design is fantastic for your preppy little one. The tartan pattern on this bathrobes is uber-sophisticated and adds a classy touch.
Ralph Lauren Infant Bathrobe

This baby girl bathrobe is just painfully cute! I have a 7-month old niece who wears something similar for her baths.

         Baby Aspen'Hug a Lot Amus


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