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Thoughtful Thanksgiving Decorations: Bathroom Edition

This year has flown by! Can you believe Thanksgiving is just weeks away?! While you perfect your holiday menu, be sure to spread the Thanksgiving cheer from your dining room table to your home decor. But don't forget about the next most frequently used room during a hearty thanksgiving meal -- the bathroom! Here are some cute and easy ways to add seasonal fun to your bathroom decor, like these beautiful pumpkin tea lights featured on Namaste Cafe.

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Spruce your bathroom up with autumn symbols, like pinecones, pumpkins, or acorns. They are a nice reminder of the season and look especially thoughtful if they are also featured in your dinner table centerpiece. Cinnamon scented candles also keep things festive yet sophisticated. These fall decorations featured on Pinterest and The Dodge Sisters 
combine candles and the bountiful harvest. 

Scented hand soap is another thoughtful detail. All the big soap brands have beautiful holiday scents out now. You can also find artisan hand soap through websites like Etsy or at your local farmer's market or craft fair this weekend. These pumpkin-scented soaps from the online shops SoapForYourSoul and BodhiBasics, above, are divine!

Cute, seasonal hand towels with embroidered fall leaves or in autumn colors are another thoughtful way to tie the holiday into your bathroom decor. We love these embroidered maple leaves from the EmbroideryEverywhere online store!

Have you received compliments on your Thanksgiving-inspired bathroom decor in years past? Tell us your success stories below!


Thoughtful Thanksgiving Decorations: Bathroom Edition
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