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Decorate your Bathroom Walls with Trendy Artwork

What does your bathroom look like right now? Are the first words that spring to your mind boring, sterile, and generic? According to ABC News, the average American spends over 14 days in the bathroom a year! Why not spend that time in a more beautiful and relaxing space? Incorporating stylish artwork onto your bathroom walls is a quick and easy way to spruce up your space! 
Decorating your bathroom walls with artwork is an easy way to instantly transform even the most mundane bathroom into a luxurious haven. Paintings and framed drawings instantly add sophistication to any space, like the bathrooms above from House Beautiful and Channel 4 via Via Interior, above, and Style Me Pretty, Decor Pad, and Lonny Magazine, below. 
Make sure you save valuable or sentimental artwork for the other rooms in your home, though! No matter how well ventilated or rarely used your bathroom is, valuable artwork should never be in areas with high humidity and drastic temperature fluctuations. These changes can cause your beautiful artwork to buckle, warp, or develop mold and mildew. Unfortunately, that damage would be irreparable.
Don't decorate your bathroom like an art museum if that's not your style. Consider unconventional art items to make your bathroom decor more unique, like your BFF's notebook doodles, movie posters, album art, or free online printables like this So Fresh and So Clean Clean one from Two Twenty One via Printable Decor. Frames will make these items look sophisticated and double as protection against condensation build up. "Gallery walls" are super trendy right now and are the perfect way for displaying lots of small items, like these fabulous bathrooms featured on Interior Junkie and Like A Saturday.
What do you think of this bathroom decor trend? Would you ever display eye-catching artwork in your bathroom? Do you already have art hanging on your bathroom walls? Tell us what you think in the comments section below!


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