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Trending in Bathroom Decor: Colorful Chevron Patterns

Add energy and a touch of class to your bathroom with chevron stripes! This trendy pattern isn't going away anytime soon; its elegant, timeless look has been in vogue since the Middle Ages. Here are our current bathroom obsessions featuring this bold design, starting with this chic bathroom floor and wall combo featured on Lonny Mag. 

black and white chevron pattern bathroom with artwork

The chevron pattern adds a lot of movement to interior designs but looks especially chic on bathroom walls. The hand painted emerald green tiles below add a shabby chic vibe to the bathroom below from Coastal Living. On the other hand, this white and light pink bathroom nook via Decor Pad shows that chevron can have a softer, more feminine side. Not only does it look trendy, chevron itself has an added psychological bonus: the pattern can draw your eye up the wall, making the ceiling of your small bathroom look higher than it actually is! 

hand painted green and white chevron pattern wall tiles as bathroom vanity backsplash

white and light pink chevron pattern on walls of small bathroom

There are tons of chevron DIY painting tutorials online. Our favorite is this chic black and white chevron accent wall from the blog Two Zero One! Keeping the patten on one wall keeps the bathroom from feeling small while the pop of color from the bright red mirror frame and hand towel look high glam and very editorial! 

before and after image of DIY black and white chevron stripes on bathroom wall with red bathroom accents

Chevron patterned floors is another fabulous way to introduce the pattern to your bathroom because it psychologically draws you into the space. The color combination in the bathroom below from House Beautiful is a unique take on the traditional pattern, while using natural stone to recreate the chevron pattern like in this bathroom via Accent on Design is simply lovely! You can also easily introduce the pattern to your bathroom with a stylish bath mat, like this white, gray, and black Sebastian Bath Mat from West Elm.

brown and white tile chevron pattern bathroom floor

natural stone floor in chevron pattern in luxurious bathroom

black, white, and gray chevron striped bath mat

And don't forget about stylish chevron shower curtains! There are loads to choose from on the market. The springtime colors and unique twist on the chevron pattern makes this fabulous bathroom from Ramblings from the Burbs our absolute favorite. The classic light gray and white chevron shower curtain via Decor Pad looks fabulous in this dark bathroom while the shower curtain from Suburbs Mama below adds an unexpected pop of color and style to the otherwise plain bathroom. 

teal, pink, and orange chevron pattern shower curtain and bathroom towel with artwork

gray and white chevron pattern shower curtain in a luxurious black bathroom

Light blue and white chevron pattern shower curtain in white bathroom

What do you think of the chevron pattern? Have you incorporated chevron into your home decor yet? Tell us in the comments section below!


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