A Bathroom Remodel featuring Rotator Rod on At Home With Nikki

A Bathroom Remodel featuring Rotator Rod on At Home With Nikki

We are thrilled to share an amazing video with you from the Youtube star At Home with Nikki!

When we heard she wanted to do a space-saving remodel in her small guest bathroom and bedroom without renovating, we knew she would love Rotator Rod: The Original Curved Shower Rod that Rotates -- and we were right!

In this video Nikki shares the first stage of the remodels and reveals how the Rotator Rod expands her guest bathroom and shower space without having to renovate. She calls Rotator Rod "an innovative tool, easy to install... and such an affordable way to update [this] space." We are delighted she had a pleasant experience working with our company and noted that we take pride in helping our customers through any part of the process. 

The results of Nikki's guest bathroom and bedroom remodel are gorgeous, luxurious, and the height of sophistication. You can see the before photos of her guest bathroom and bedroom on her home tour, here. If we were staying at Nikki's house, we would have a hard time leaving!

Thank you, Nikki! ... A Bathroom Remodel featuring Rotator Rod on At Home With Nikki

We want to send a huge THANK YOU! to Nikki for sharing her beautiful remodel and recommending the Rotator Rod to all her followers. Her unique interior design style shows how you can turn any bathroom space into a luxurious haven with the right space-saving tools like the Rotator Rod!

We also love Nikki's innovative idea to place a cabinet in her guest bedroom closet. Not only does it look beautiful, it offers more storage space for guests without making the room feel cramped and crowded with furniture. It's another great space saving tip for making guests feel comfortable in your home!

Be sure to follow the At Home with Nikki Youtube channel to stay up to date on her beautiful remodel and check out Nikki's website for more beautiful inspiration! 


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