Do It On A Dime's Space-Saving Bathroom Makeover + Rotator Rod Giveaway

Do It On A Dime's Space-Saving Bathroom Makeover + Rotator Rod Giveaway!

You are not going to believe Kathryn from Do It On A Dime's small bathroom and closet makeover! Get ready to be amazed and inspired by this space-saving transformation. You're also going to love our special giveaway -- read on to find out how to enter!

Not only did Kathryn remodel the tiny bathroom and closet in her father's condo into a beautifully organized and luxurious space, it cost her next to nothing! Can you believe the before and after footage is the same condo?!

The most dramatic transformation was definitely the shower space. After following Do It On A Dime on Facebook, we realized Kathryn has a great eye for design while using her space (and her wallet!) as efficiently as possible. We knew we had a product she and her followers would love - The Rotator Rod: The Original Curved Shower Rod that Rotates!

Traditional curved shower rods provide a lot more shower space but if your toilet sits right outside of the shower like in this space, you'll have a constant battle with the clingy shower curtain while using the bathroom. The Rotator Rod is a great solution. This unique curved shower rod provides 33% more space in the shower... but then pivots back into the shower when it’s not in use, creating a roomier bathroom with a simple flip of the shower rod! The Rotator Rod is the perfect way to expand bathroom space when you need it, where you need it.

Kathryn paired the contemporary shower rod with a shower curtain in a classic pattern in trendy gray and white for an updated, masculine look that maximizes space. The cool (and incredibly inexpensive!) Paris artwork makes the bathroom chic and the cut flowers are a beautiful, fresh touch! For more photos of the makeover, click here to read Kathryn's full post.

We want to give a big THANK YOU! to Kathryn for sharing her jaw-dropping makeover and recommending the Rotator Rod to all her followers. To celebrate space-saving interior design, we are collaborating on a Rotator Rod giveaway! Please CLICK HERE to enter to win over on the Do It On A Dime website!

Do It On A Dime's Rotator Rod giveaway ends this Friday, March 13, 2015 so click here and enter right now!

Be sure to follow the Do It On A Dime's Youtube channel for more organizing and space-saving inspiration and check out Kathryn's website for more beautiful inspiration! 


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