Rotator Rod Demo, Review, and Giveaway on!

The Rotator Rod just received another glowing review from blogger and Youtube star Kisha Jaggers! We reached out to Kisha because we knew she and the whole Jaggers family would love the space-saving power of The Rotator Rod, The Curved Shower Rod that Rotates. 

Rotator Rod Demo, Review, and Giveaway on! from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Unlike traditional curved shower rods that only stay in the expanded shower position, The Rotator Rod pivots to expand ordinary shower space by 33% PLUS create a roomier bathroom. The one-of-a-kind rotation system transforms one of the most used rooms in the home into either a luxurious shower experience or expanded bathroom space for everyday living, all with just a simple flip of The Rotator Rod! With a family full of growing boys we figured the Jaggers could use every cubic square foot of useable space they could get!

While Kisha loved the increase in bathroom space, she was most impressed with how the innovative shower rod transformed bathroom space. "This is perfect for a claustrophobic person like myself. It gives you plenty of room to move around and with the extra space you could totally dry off in the shower without ever getting cold!" We also love how high the shower rod was installed in her bathroom. It's an interior design secret that shower rods that are hung closer to the ceiling make bathrooms feel taller and larger, just like Kisha's! And don't you just love those shower curtains?!

Rotator Rod Demo, Review, and Giveaway on! from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

We really appreciate how thorough and honest Kisha and her husband were in their Rotator Rod review. Kisha detailed the whole Rotator Rod process from researching and ordering the product, delivery time and opening the box, the install, and she even gave an update on how much her family uses it! We did want to reassure Kisha and her followers that the No Drill Adapters (used to install The Rotator Rod without making holes in hard surfaces like tile or marble) can absolutely support two shower curtains. In fact, mine can support air drying a medium load of heavy, damp jeans! 

Rotator Rod Demo, Review, and Giveaway on! from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

We want to send a huge THANK YOU! to Kisha and her family for documenting her experience with Rotator Rod and endorsing our product. We are thrilled you like it as much as we do!

Kisha was so impressed by The Rotator Rod that she wanted to share the space-saving benefits with her viewers through a special giveaway! CLICK HERE to enter to win. You might even find a special coupon code!

 Rotator Rod Demo, Review, and Giveaway on! from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

And we don't blame you if you just can't wait for the contest to end for you to get a Rotator Rod for your own bathroom. CLICK HERE to support The Rotator Rod's campaign on Kickstarter to receive your very own space-saving shower rod at a special price! 

CLICK HERE for Kisha Jaggers's full Rotator Rod demo, review, and giveaway. And be sure to subscribe to Kisha's YouTube channel for more great videos and to follow more of her bathroom remodel! Thanks again, Kisha!


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