Luxuriously Larger Shower & Bathroom from StilaKiss33 + Rotator Rod Gi

Luxuriously Larger Shower & Bathroom from StilaKiss33 + Rotator Rod Giveaway!

Our hysterical new BFF StilaKiss33 just reviewed & loved The Rotator Rod so we're teaming up to do a special giveaway! Read on to find out how to enter.

If you haven't heard of the YouTube sensation yet, StilaKiss33 is a wine enthusiast, organizer, home maker, and all around funny gal! Stila and her YouTube subscribers love using their money & space creatively & efficiently so we knew our innovative shower rod would be a hit. 

Like standard curved shower rods, The Rotator Rod makes shower space 33% larger instantly. Unlike regular shower rods, The Rotator Rod can flip into the shower so the shower curtain doesn't take up any precious bathroom space! But don't just take our word for it: does Stila really think it's worth buying?: "Yes because shower rods last forever and I love how it curves out and gives extra room."

Luxuriously Larger Shower & Bathroom from StilaKiss33 + Rotator Rod Giveaway!

We really appreciate how honest Stila was in her review. She said The Rotator Rod was easy to install and demonstrates the space you gain inside and outside the shower. Both Stila and her husband are now Rotator Rod fans! THANK YOU, StilaKiss33, for sharing The Rotator Rod with your subscribers and hosting a great giveaway! 

Rotator Rod - The Original Curved Shower Rod THAT ROTATES! on Kickstarter!

CLICK HERE to watch the StilaKiss33 Giveaway video on Youtube. Unfortunately, the contest ended Friday, April 10, 2015 but you watch the winner announcement below or CLICK HERE to view it on Youtube. Congratulations, TheBartletts2009! 

Stay up to date with Stila by subscribing to her Youtube channel and following her on InstagramFacebook, and Twitter, too! 


We also wanted to promise viewers that it's much easier to flip The Rotator Rod in or out of the shower when you aren't holding a video camera! Thanks again, Stila!

If you just can't wait to get a Rotator Rod for your own bathroom, CLICK HERE to support The Rotator Rod on Kickstarter & receive your very own space-saving shower rod at a special price! 


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