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The Smallest Bathroom I've Ever Had

The question is simple: What was the worst bathroom you've ever had?
My answer...
My sophomore year of college, I decided to take a huge leap and study abroad in Madrid, Spain. Although I had never lived in a big city, much less a chaotic European capital, I was excited by the prospect of immersing in a new culture, finally mastering a foreign language, and getting that “space” that I so desperately craved.

Before leaving home, I needed to find an apartment to live in during my stay, preferably in the Madrid city-centre. I went to the internet and found a seemingly beautiful authentic Spanish-style apartment complete with vibrantly colored titles, old-school fixtures, and a spacious bathroom.
When I finally arrived in Madrid, I remember being so excited to see my apartment. Unfortunately, the apartment itself didn’t exactly meet any of my expectations. The apartment was crowded, newly renovated with modern furniture, and worst of all my bedroom was the size of a crew member’s bedroom on a cruise ship. To make matters worse, my full bathroom was the size of a respectable half bath! Case and point, I was not pleased! After all, I am a 6 foot 3 inch tall man with the arm span of a condor. I need enough space in my bedroom and shower area to lift my arms above my shoulders.

My Madrid Bathroom 
Above is a photo of that tiny bathroom in Madrid. I stood in the doorway to take it. Notice the ventilation shaft-sized shower in the corner? Showering was never a pleasant experience in there!

For almost a year, I struggled to use my bathroom. Having to squeeze into a tiny shower became a daily battle...I had bruises on my elbows to prove it! Fortunately, the excitement of studying abroad helped me overlook my less than optimal bathroom situation. My apartment may not have been ideal, but living in an amazing city like Madrid certainly made up for it.


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