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Make Your Bathroom Cool with Mad Men Style

With the Season 6 premiere of Mad Men approaching, we at Rotator Rod wanted to celebrate one of our favorite television shows by dedicating an entire blog post to bathrooms inspired by the Sixties. 

So what makes a bathroom Sixties inspired? The answer: funky wallpaper, individuality, and COLOR!

Check out some of these retro drawings we found online from Mid Century Living:

Why not think pink the next time you decide to remodel your bathroom? We're sure Betty Draper would approve!


In need of more space in your bathroom? Think about color-blocking. The contrasting colors will make you feel like you have a separate room just for your bath tub.

The Sixties was a wallpaper-friendly decade too. The funkier the better.

What are your thoughts on Sixties bathroom style? Could you pull it off in your home?

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