Trending Now in Bathroom Decor: Embrace Spring -- Bring the Outdoors I – Rotator Rod

Trending Now in Bathroom Decor: Embrace Spring -- Bring the Outdoors In

They say the bathroom is a sanctuary -- and the latest trends in bathroom decor certainly reflect that sentiment. Shrug traditional notions of bathroom space and celebrate the idea that the bathroom should be another comfortable room in the home. From show-stopping mirrors to antique furniture, every week we will explore the accessories that prove even the smallest bathrooms can exude luxury and sophistication.

Center stage this week: Bring the outdoors in! Use nature as inspiration to embrace winter’s end. Wood flooring, exotic plants, or earthy hues can brighten up bathroom space and add texture or color without being overpowering. 


Here are two beautiful examples of harmonizing nature-inspired bath accessories, as showcased on Decoist. We especially love the small details -- flowers, wooden trays, and that elegant marble tissue holder.

oh, albatross

The natural lighting and clean color palette in this space featured on oh, albatross make the greens of the tub and plants pop.

Harvest Furniture

Over on Harvest Furniture, wooden floors, plants, and seashell accents make this bathroom an inspiring place and very on-trend.

Better Homes and Gardens

Last but not least, this bathroom space was featured on Better Homes and Gardens. The juxtaposition between organic and modern design aesthetics is very intriguing.
What do you think about bringing the outdoors into you bathroom? 


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