Fashion-Forward Shower Curtains for Spring: Florals, Color Blocking, a – Rotator Rod

Fashion-Forward Shower Curtains for Spring: Florals, Color Blocking, and Paisley Prints

Just like on the runway, designers are translating the latest styles and fashion trends into fun and creative designs for your bathroom. This spring, spice up your bathroom with the latest in shower curtain fashion. 
A major trend in fashion this season is color-blocking, particularly with vibrant colors that scream, "Spring is here...we promise!" Check out these two bold prints, the first from and the second from Martha Stewart Collection.

      Martha Stewart Collection

Another huge trend this season is Paisley, an exotic leaf print that originated in Ancient India. Check out these Paisley designed shower curtains from Pottery Barn.

 The final trend we've been seeing from home decor designers is water color floral prints. These shower curtains are simple, modern, and sophisticated.
Remember, any on-trend shower curtain should come with an equally on-trend shower rod!


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