Introduction to Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Introduction to Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod

Hello Blogosphere!

We at Rotator Rod are proud to announce our entrance into the online blogging community! It seems like it was only yesterday that Rotator Rod founder Colleen O'Connell came up with the idea to create a curved shower rod that not only provided her with extra space in her shower, but also didn't take away precious space from her bathroom. Realizing a fantastic business opportunity, Colleen went on to internationally patent the Rotator Rod and set up her own production facility based in Sarasota, FL. Nowadays, her business is certainly catching steam with the Rotator Rod showcasing at numerous international trade shows and on television talk shows. Furthermore, the Rotator Rod is now sold through such prestigious retailers as Amazon, SkyMall,, Stacks and Stacks, and more!

Check out this video of Colleen explaining the ingenuity of the Rotator Rod.

Now that you have a better idea about the Rotator Rod, I bet you’re wondering -- why did we decide to start blogging? Well, the answer is simple: WE LOVE BATHROOMS and believe wholeheartedly that anyone can turn their tiny, unremarkable bathroom into a luxurious at-home spa. On Bathroom Bliss, we promise to provide our readers with fun, creative, and unique original content geared toward those interested in interior design, tips for small space living, product reinventions, and creating at-home luxury experiences on a budget. Moreover, Bathroom Bliss is meant to be a fun and interactive way of interacting with the Blogosphere. Don’t expect complaints and negativity...that’s not our style.

Thank you for your support of Bathroom Bliss and Rotator Rod. We hope you enjoy what we have to offer!


The Team at Rotator Rod 


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