Trending Now in Bathroom Decor: Show-Stopping Mirrors – Rotator Rod

Trending Now in Bathroom Decor: Show-Stopping Mirrors

One design trend we're seeing this spring can instantly breath new life into bathroom space. Usually saved for above fireplaces and entrance ways, we are thrilled to report that stunning mirrors are making their way into the bathroom! Look at this gorgeous example froLe Croissant d'Argent. 
Large mirrors not only make a bold statement, they also psychologically create more space and add much needed light, especially to small, windowless bathrooms. This picturesque example from My Design Chic is in a surprising location that draws the eye upwards, making the room appear larger.
You don’t have break the bank or upset your landlord with this trend. There are plenty of DIY articles out there on how to update your bathroom’s plain Jane mirror by creating a quick, beautiful frame that instantly adds style. This mirror by Remodelaholic came out fabulous. Below is another beautiful gilded frame from Canadian House and Home.
Mirrors with interesting frames or bold designs can breath new life into outdated bathrooms. They come in styles ranging from classic to ultra modern and a ton of different shapes. Look at these examples from Pinterest.
What style of bold mirror would work best in your bathroom? 


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