Rotator Rod Customer Satisfaction!

Rotator Rod Customer Satisfaction!

At Rotator Rod, we love and appreciate the support and insights given to us by our loyal customers. Your passion for our product drives us everyday to improve and reach new heights!

Take a look at some of these recent reviews and you'll see why!

"To the inventor of the Rotator Rod:

I hope you are a gazzionaire.  This is a great invention and you deserve every penny you make off of it. It installed easily and the quality is very good. The only complaint is that I had to find a tiny screwdriver in order to set the nylon screw in the ball"- Dan.

"I love this shower rod. We put it up in the vacation cabin where we have a tiny bath and everyone appreciates having the extra space when we need it and then being able to move it back. But a year after putting it up we had need to relocate to the cabin full time and after about a month of steady use it has started pulling from the wall. We had to take it down and put in the strongest anchors we could find at the hardware store. I recommend it, but take time to install it with the strongest hardware you can get to make sure it stays put. (We bought two more for the house. : )"-Mike.

"I am pleased with the exceptional service. Your product along with your wonderful user friendly client service is refreshing. Colleen is truly an asset to your Company. Please thank her and we look forward to future business when needed" -
Wallace J.

 Inventor Colleen Making The Rotator Rod!


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