The Perfect Bath Toy for Baby – Rotator Rod

The Perfect Bath Toy for Baby

Bath time is an essential part of raising a child. From a practical standpoint, baths are the best way of ensuring good hygiene for your baby. However, bath time also has benefits on an emotional and sensory level. During bath time, you as a parent are helping to build a closer bond with your child. Furthermore, the entire bathing process facilitates infant sensory development by exposing your child to a diverse range of sensations.

To make bath time more entertaining for your baby, it's always helpful to provide them with fun, mentally stimulating toys.  Here are some baby bath toys that might just do the trick...

1. The Octopus Ring Fountain

Attachable to any shower wall, this quirky toy functions as a mini water fountain. Pour water through the opening at the top of the Octopus, and watch it cascade out of the five tentacles. To make the toy even more fun, play a game of ring toss using the tentacles and the colorful rings provided.

   Skip Hop Octopus Ring Toss Fountain
2. The Duck Washcloth Scrubbie

The concept of the rubber ducky is a classic element in the baby bath time ritual. Why not spice-up this timeless toy by purchasing a beautifully handmade washcloth version? This "Scrubbie," is the perfect toy for moms who love to shop for quality original items on Etsy.

Duck Washcloth Scrubbie Bath Toy

3. Boats in a Tub

Is your child ready to set sail on a high seas adventure? Check out these expertly painted toy boats from Pottery Barn Kids.

Boats in a Tub

4. The Garden Bath Book

Ever though about making bath time educational? If so, this waterproof bath book may be the perfect option for you and your child.

Do you have any great bath time stories that you'd like to share? 

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