Inspiration in Rotation: Luxurious Bathroom Products & Design Ideas

The Rotator Rod team is very passionate about scouring the globe for anything that will elevate a stale bathroom experience into something lush and memorable. Well, we decided it was high time we stopped hogging these bathroom-related products, poignant editorials, beautiful photographs, and eye-catching interior design to ourselves! Here is an assortment of unique links that serve as our most recent inspiration. 

◇ Stylish decorating ideas for small bathrooms from Elle Decor. Included in the article is a way to incorporate mirrored walls to expand small spaces as seen in Mike Clifford's LA home

 Bold color inspiration from Blulabel Bungalow by Erica Ward. Can you imagine this palette in a bathroom?! Stunning!

 A blow out soap sale from Bodhi Basics, while supplies last.

 A beautiful collection of house tours from around the world, via Apartment Therapy

 Rediscover this article by Style at Home about how to decorate your bathroom around one accessory. This unique bathrobe served as their inspiration.

 Art posing as a shower curtain!

 Not sure what to think about this concept piece from Pinterest... What do you think?

 Great idea for your next painting project from LifeHacker. Why didn't I think of that?

 One of our social media marketing specialists opened up an online store for her artwork.

We are always on the prowl for sophisticated products, poignant editorials, beautiful photographs, and eye-catching interior design to serve as inspiration. Do you have something we might be interested in? Leave a link in the comment section below so we can feature it in a future edition!


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