Rotator Rod's New Social Media Discovery: Vine

Rotator Rod's New Social Media Discovery: Vine

In both a professional and social context, I always find myself in the particular situation of having to explain exactly what the Rotator Rod does. In each instance, I wind up taking over 30 seconds to explain its attributes and value. Sometimes people immediately understand, while others are left scratching their heads. In any case, wouldn't it just be better if I just carried a short video around with me? After all, video captures the true value of the Rotator Rod in the best light!

With the new app Vine, anyone can create short video clips, 6 seconds max, on their smartphones, and send them to anyone and everyone via Facebook and Twitter. Overall, I find Vine extremely fun and easy to use. Take a look at this video I shot in the Rotator Rod studio...

Not bad right?

Does anyone else have any experience using Vine? What are your thoughts?


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