Trending in Bathroom Decor: Neon Goes From Runway to the Bathroom – Rotator Rod

Trending in Bathroom Decor: Neon Goes From Runway to the Bathroom

Neon is showing up everywhere this spring. Why not put a pop of unexpected color in an unexpected place? Design inspiration often takes it cues from the fashion world, as you can see from these fun bathroom designs. Here are two examples from Desire to Decorate and Osborne and Little.


Bathroom decor can go from bland to fab with just a few thoughtfully placed neon accents. Moderation is key -- neon doesn't have to be an overwhelming eye sore. Look at how HGTV still manages to use neon blue to create a tranquil atmosphere in the bathroom below. 


The traditionally neutral colored bathroom is the perfect canvas for funky accessories. Neon is a great way to add warmth to a boring, cold or sterile feeling bathroom. Small, bright accessories add a fun statement without making you commit to painting a wall highlighter yellow. Check out these fashionable towels from H&M Home.

Neon colored hardware is a subtle but bold way to modernize the bathroom, as featured on Ian Claridge. On the other hand, go big or go home with this neon chevron floor as featured on To da loos!


What do you think of this neon trend? Is it big impact or just a big bust? What other interesting bathroom decor trends do you see this spring? 


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