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Handsome Bath Decor & Sleek Masculine Bathroom Designs

Bathroom decor doesn't have to be all about frilly accessories and bright colors. Bold bathrooms with an edge of masculinity are gaining traction in the interior design world. Sleek design choices, dark colors, and minimal accessories are the keys to creating a powerful yet luxurious aesthetic anyone can appreciate. Look at these prime examples from Remodelista and Digs Digs.
From traditional to minimalist, any style can be turned into a masculine bathroom. Bold colors choices are a must -- think lots of darks and different hues of black. Matte black is a popular accent color, as are natural surfaces like stone and wood. Chrome fixtures are another sleek accent that pairs well with most styles. Check out these handsome bathrooms from Hearty Home and Pinterest. 
Another essential characteristic of these daring masculine bathrooms is to keep accessories to a minimum. A lone plant can add a nice contrast of softness to sleek designs. Animal heads are a little extreme but apparently make great towel hangers! Here are two more great examples from Katie Quinn Davies via Design Sponge and Eddie Ross via Dust Jacket.
What do you think of these handsome bathrooms? Which designs work and which don't? Be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more handsome bathroom design ideas!


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