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Trending in Bathroom Decor: 50 Shades of Gray

This year the interior design world has seen a shift in connotation with the color gray. No longer reminiscent of city streets and rainy clouds, gray is all about conveying a sense of timelessness, warmth, and luxury. This especially rings true for bathroom design! Look at these two breathtaking examples below: Benjamin Moore keeps their bathroom casual yet sophisticated while the metallic wallpaper and flowing drapery in the bathroom featured on Crave Interiors Blog is utterly epicurean.

The color gray can be a neutral background that adds dimension to a bathroom. A light shade can enhance a room without being overpowering, just like these examples from Apartment Therapy and House Beautiful.

Depending on the hue and what paired accessories, a gray bathroom can range from soft and tranquil to bold and powerful. Look at the difference in the following two bathrooms.

Above, serenity rolls off this bathroom featured on Apartment Therapy. Its soft gray and white color palette makes it spacious and airy. Below, the audaciousness of this darker bathroom from Pinterest is undeniable.
Bringing warm colors in is another way to compliment gray tones while maintaining a playful, summer feel to your bathroom. The warm wood floors and lush green plant beautifully juxtapose the gray walls in this bathroom by Country Living.

Marrying the neon and gray trends we're seeing this season can animate your space while keeping it fashion-forward, like this bathroom featured on Whole Living.

If you just want to get your toes wet in this gray bathroom trend, try incorporating some gray accessories into your existing bathroom.

What do you think of this bathroom design trend? Leave your feedback in the comments section below!


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