Bathroom Spotlight: A Sophisticated Remodel, Rotator Rod Included

Bathroom Spotlight: A Sophisticated Remodel, Rotator Rod Included

It's definitely not a secret. We at Rotator Rod have some truly amazing customers!

Take for instance, Diane from Pennsylvania. A few weeks ago, Diane approached us looking to buy the perfect curved shower rod as the finishing touch for her newly-renovated bathroom.

"I recently had my bathroom remodeled and when it came time to purchase the shower rod I already knew that it was the "ROTATOR ROD" that I wanted.  I saw a little ad with a film clip almost a year ago and was so impressed by it I knew it was what I wanted.  So I went on amazon and ordered one.  I have a small bathroom and the problem with the standard curved rod is that although they solve one problem (making more room while using the shower) they add to the problem of the small bathroom space by having the rod stick out.  Your design is the best of both worlds.  And I am so happy.  It works exactly as you say and I want to let people know.  I now have my dream bathroom.  I have the space where and when I need it and when I am not using the shower I can with one little push of the rod get back that space.  How totally clever of you.  Thank you also for being so customer friendly.  You returned my calls promptly and I want to thank Rob especially for all his helpful e-mails and help.  He went way above and beyond as far as I am concerned.  Years from now when you guys get BIG  don't lose that wonderful customer service aspect because with your wonderful products and that you surely are going to become a large company/  So with my deepest appreciation once again Thank You all."

For the past few months, Diane has been working tirelessly to remodel her bathroom incorporating sophisticated features such as lightly-colored tiles and dark wood frames. Here are some photos of Diane's beautiful new bathroom:

Of course we had to throw in some photos of the Rotator Rod too!

The Rotator Rod in the Out position. 33% More Shower Space!

The Rotator Rod in the In postion. Increased Bathroom Space Too!

Thank you Diane for being our brand champion!


The Rotator Rod Team!


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