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The Wimbledon Bathroom in 5 Steps

If you're a tennis fanatic, like me, you're probably completely consumed by the tennis action at this year's Championships Wimbledon. BUT! Let's face it, its not just the tennis that makes Wimby perfect! We also love the tradition. Whether it be the no play on Middle Sunday, Manic Monday, the perfectly manicured lawns, the all-white outfits, or even the strawberries and cream, Wimbledon, for us, is like a gigantic 14-day celebration. When it starts we are so excited and happy, and when the tournament ends we are terribly depressed.

Maybe there is a way to keep the "Wimbledon Spirit" with us the other 50 weeks of the year? Like maybe...A WIMBLEDON THEMED BATHROOM!!!???

Here are 5 ways to decorate your bathroom with "Wimbledon Spirit."

1.  Paint Your Bathroom in Wimbledon's Official Colors: Purple, Green, and White

I know this colour scheme may seem a bit outlandish! However, dark purple and emerald green will give your bathroom a luxurious and royal look. Why not use Wimbledon's logo as inspiration?:

2. Indulge in a Comfy Grass Bath Mat

Show off your Wimbledon Pride every time that you shower with a synthetic grass bath mat that is both soft and durable. This one from Bed, Bath, and Beyond might just do the trick!

The Meadow Grass Bath Mat 

3. Make a Statement with a Tennis-themed Shower Curtain

As we all know, a shower curtain can be a powerful medium for self-expression. Show everyone that enters your bathroom just how much you love Wimbledon and the sport of tennis.

Tennis Shower Curtain from Cafe Press

4. Cover Your Walls with Wimbledon Memorabilia

This is your opportunity to release the inner eBay hunter within! Go crazy. Look for unique souvenirs, autographed photos from past champions, Wimbledon-themed art, and even antique tennis racquets.


Framed Wimbledon Art


Classic Wooden Racquets Give This Bathroom a Touch of History 


The undisputed #1 best seller at is the Wimbledon monogramed towel. They a fluffy, soft, luxurious tradition of excellence...and a must have for any tennis fanatic!
Part of the Wimbledon Bathroom Collection

Perfect for the Baby in Your Life! A Cute Wimby Wash Mit
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