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The Micro-Apartment: Modern Living in 300 Square Feet or Less

Ever complained about the small size of your apartment?

If you live in a major urban destination such as New York or San Francisco, outrageously high rents and small spaces are a fact of life. Unfortunately for urban dwellers, apartments will continue to get least in the foreseeable future.

Last fall the city governments of both NYC and San Francisco led proposals to create "Micro-Apartments" targeting young, single, urban professionals with limited budgets. Comprising all of 220-300 square feet of space (that includes everything: kitchen, bath, and living space!), these studios rent for as much as $1600/month.
Virtual Micro-Apartment in San Francisco

However, what you get with these proud sardine cans is both nothing at all...and a lot. From a utilitarian prospective this apartment comes with a: kitchenette, 150 square feet of living space, a murphy bed, a dining room table that folds under the murphy bed, couch, desk, and of course a tiny bathroom and shower space! Interestingly enough, the apartment does come furnished with numerous power outlets, 12-foot high ceilings, and state-of-the-art appliances.

I'm really not sure how to feel about these Micro-Apartments. On one hand, I'm kind of horrified that apartment developers think human beings can live in virtual prison cells. On the other hand, these are the perfect option for young people who work all day and only use their apartments to shower and sleep. Not to mention $1600/month is cheap for a modern apartment in the city centre!

For more insight into the Micro-Apartment movement, take a look at this segment from CNN Money.




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