Dorm Room Space-Saving Special -- A Back to School Coupon Code for Aug – Rotator Rod

Dorm Room Space-Saving Special -- A Back to School Coupon Code for August!

This August, head back to school with Rotator Rod and the Dorm Room Space Saving Special!

Moving into a tiny dorm? Just leased your first apartment? Live in a small, older home with a bunch of friends? 

Get the most out of your small bathroom space with a Rotator Rod rotating, curved shower curtain rod! The Rotator Rod allows you the luxury of a curved shower curtain rod in the shower... then rotate the Rotator Rod into the tub and out of the way while you use the rest of the bathroom! You're in university now -- use your space more intelligently with the Rotator Rod!
Every weekend in August (Friday through Sunday) receive 20% off your entire purchase order with the coupon code DORM2013 at!
We have to warn you... College living situations are usually cramped! Using your living space intelligently will not only make the space bigger, it can even help ease roommate tensions. And who knows -- this kind of out-of-the-box thinking could even lead to better grades!
Your parents had to live in a closet and walk 15 miles to class in the snow... but that doesn't mean you have to! The Rotator Rod rotating , curved shower curtain rod will completely transform your bathroom space with a twist of the wrist! 
Bathroom Bliss is brought to you by the Rotator Rod, the next evolution of the curved shower rod.


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