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College Dorm Decorating Tips for Boys

Let me just start by openly stating what you're all thinking: College boys are slobs and don't care about decorating their dorm rooms!

While this may be true for a large portion of college freshman boys, there are at least some that care about what their friends, families, and (un)significant others think about their living space. Boys, this Back to College season don't be another cliche. Decorate your rooms with taste, personality, and a touch of cool.

A Sophisticated Duvet

College students in my day showed as much originality in their dorm decor as the plot of a telenovela. Literally every single guy in my section of Murphree Hall had the same duvet cover: navy blue on top, baby blue on the bottom. How boring right?

This August spice things up with a sophisticated duvet that will take your decor from Walmart-chic to GQ. My favorite duvet is this Graphite Tuxedo Stripe" duvet from West Elm. It even sounds tough!

Duvet $29 -1$19 at West Elm

Show Off Your Personality with Decorative Posters

Posters of swimsuit models are fine and good, but why not decorate your dorm room with posters that reflect your hobbies and lifelong interests? Having a poster of your favorite movie cover or piece of art is the perfect conversation starter in those first awkward days of pre-class socialization.

A great resource for all things posters is Check this page for All Posters coupon codes!

"Starry Night" by Van Gogh 

Further Inspiration from Pinterest

Love the wood accents and space-saving drawer under the bed!
This room is cluttered, but the accents are really cool.

For more Back to College dorm decoration and space saving tips, please come back to Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod!


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