Small Bathroom Chic: Expand Your Space with a Curved Shower Curtain Ro – Rotator Rod

Small Bathroom Chic: Expand Your Space with a Curved Shower Curtain Rod

There's a good reason curved shower curtain rods are found in popular hotels and spas. They dramatically change the shape of a bathroom, making showers more luxurious and spacious. 
Don't let the square footage of your bathroom scare you into a boring, straight shower rod. Rotator Rod Curved shower curtain rods expand your showering area even in small bathroom spaces!  Enjoy the extra space of a conventional fixed rod...
Rotator Rod Shower rod Curved out in the showering position
...AND add valuable bathroom space, too!


A curved shower curtain rod will make your shower wider and more spacious instantly -- without doing a costly remodel. Straight shower rods make showers feel cramped and dark, especially when paired with a dark shower curtain. Just look at this video from Rotator Rod that demonstrates how spacious showering with one really is! After a lifetime with an old-fashioned straight shower rod, you will be amazed at how much elbow room you have been missing out on!

Another benefit of a curved shower rod is no longer battling with a sticky, wet shower curtain! You know the feeling... When you just finish getting clean and all of a sudden the wet shower curtain sticks to you! I always feel like I need to take another shower! Well, a curved shower curtain rod will hold the clingy shower curtain further away from you, preventing this from ever happening to you again! 

If you really don't think you can sacrifice the additional space a curved shower curtain rod will eat up, there is always the Rotator Rod rotating, curved shower curtain rod! This ingenious invention gives you the luxury of a curved shower curtain rod while you are in the shower. Then, with a flick of your wrist, it rotates into the shower and out of the way while you use the rest of the bathroom! Plus, the Rotator Rod's No Drill Adapters will ensure you won’t damage hard surfaces like tile or marble. It's one of those products that make you think "Why didn't I think of that?!" 


 You're Just in Time to
Create a Roomier Bathroom This Holiday!

What do you think about the curved shower curtain rod trend? Would you install one in your small bathroom? Tell us what you think below!


Small Bathroom Chic: Expand Your Space with a Curved Shower Curtain Rod
  • John Schultz

    Our shower is 57 “. The rod looks like its one piece . How is it to make it different lengths from 59 to 57 “ .

  • Denise

    I ordered my 2nd one for the guest bath. works great!

  • colleen o'connell

    Hi Cath!
    Many people with only showers are able to use the Rotator Rod. The key is to have a lip on the bottom of the shower that’s at least 4" so that the shower curtain stays outside the tub in the ‘in’ position, and the liner stays inside the tub in the ‘out’ position to keep the floor dry. Unfortunately in your case the smallest opening that we can cut the Rotator Rod to fit and work properly is 43". :-(

  • Pat

    Never heard about the rotatorrod before until I read your blog post. Thank you! It is just what I was needing for my small bathroom.

  • cath

    This is great if your small bathroom has a tub – but I have an actual small bathroom with a shower that only has a 34" opening – I came to this site hoping to find a product to help me but was deceived. I love the rotator rod – would be great in my tiny bathroom but it appears to only be made for tubs.

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