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Fall Fashion from the Runway to Your Bathroom

With New York Fashion Week Spring 2014 getting underway, I thought this would be an excellent time to review some of the major Fall 2013 fashion trends, and see how they can be translated to your own high fashion runway...aka the bathroom. Remember everyone, summer isn't technically over yet. You still have some time to get your fall fashion in order!

Here are 3 awesome fashion trends being translated from the runway to the bathroom:


This fall, charcoal is most definitely the neutral of choice. Although it's not the happiest color in the world, charcoal grey walls or accents in the bathroom will definitely help you adjust to the grey skies and overall dreariness associated with the season.

Wellingtons, tweeds, duck hunting, and Burberry...all essential elements to the classic British countryside lifestyle. When translating this theme to the bathroom, utilize accents such as stone, dark wood, and even plaids. 
Scottish Tartan
Remember when wallpaper was so out of fashion that people would make fun of you for having it? Well, those days are over! This fall season, make up for lost time with bold, shocking wallpapers. The more Warholian, the better.
What do you think of these fall fashion trends? How would you go about translating them to the bathroom?

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