Rotator Rod Dog Update: Labradoodles Chukar and Sage Still Adorable.

Rotator Rod Dog Update: Labradoodles Chukar and Sage Still Adorable.

Happy Saturday everyone!

To the left: Sage. To the right: Chukar (The Blonde!)

It's been awhile since we gave everyone an update on our curly q mascots Chukar and Sage. They are both such amazing personalities. I truly enjoy seeing them every time I go to work!

Chukar, the 2-year old strawberry blonde boy is still full of life and energy. Did you know he is absolutely 100% addicted to playing with his assortment of tennis balls? If you're at your desk working, Chukar will literally come up to you, place the tennis ball right next to your computer, and demand that you throw it. I normally indulge him in one or two throws of the ball. However, I sometimes have to place the ball in a cabinet where he can't reach. Consider it tough love : )

Here is a Vine video I took of Chukar refusing to give up the ball!

Although he might get annoyed at me for taking away his ball, Chukar still seems to like my evidenced in the photo below. By the way, Chukar is really fun to hug.

Chukar's little sister Sage is also doing just fine. A true "bundle of love," Sage spends most of the day seeking out the love and affection of humans. Normally I'll be sitting down and working, and she'll come up out of nowhere and rest her head on my right leg. Very cute indeed!


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