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The Pros and Cons of Open-Plan Bathrooms

True or false: Open-plan bathrooms are only reserved for luxury hotel goers.

Answer: FALSE! Over the past few years, interior designers have copied this trend inside everyday homes; most likely by tearing down bathroom walls and replacing them with glass.

I'll be honest, an open-plan bathroom would NOT work for me. I like my privacy and don't need glass walls to feel fancy. Regardless of my opinions, I thought I'd still highlight some pros and cons regarding this trend.

PRO: Open-plan bathrooms allow natural light to penetrate throughout the room.

If your bedroom looks and feels more like a Gothic tomb, an open-plan bathroom may provide a solution. Simply put, the less walls in your bedroom/bathroom the farther the light will penetrate, and the less claustrophobic you'll feel.

CON: There are more modest choices in home design.

I think this one is pretty obvious. 
PRO: Open-plan bathrooms create a luxury spa-like experience in your home.
As previously mentioned, open-plan bathrooms are extremely common in modern luxury hotels. In you're looking to recreate the luxury experience in your home, this may be the correct option. 

CON: If the bathroom is open, there's no place to escape.

Kristin Hohenadel of Slate Magazine said it best:

"Isn’t the bathroom a last refuge in a shared living space? A place to collect yourself before ending up in a fight? A communal space that requires tactful negotiations when doubly occupied and guarantees implicit privacy with the lock of a door? And what about those night owl/early bird couples who don’t want to wake partners still sleeping?"

Source: "The Fall of the Bathroom Wall" from

What are your thoughts on open-plan bathrooms? Are there any pros and cons that I didn't mention?


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