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Trending in Bathroom Decor: 50 Shades of Grey... Shower Curtains!

As the lead actor in one of the most anticipated movies is recast, we thought it would be fun to use 50 Shades of Grey as interior design inspiration. Gray shower curtains are an easy way to bring this popular color into your bathroom decor. Look at these beautiful examples from H&M House featured on Decoration Trend and Bedding Sheets and Linens, below.
Gray is a very trendy color this year in fashion and interior design. Be bold with the color with these all gray shower curtains. A fabric's texture can subtly break up the color for a sophisticated look, like in these beautiful examples from West Elm and Restoration Hardware.
Add a sense of movement to your bathroom with trendy patterns in gray. We especially love this chevron gray and white shower curtain from Urban Outfitters featured on Living on Grace and these bold stripes from West Elm.
Finally, add some soft femininity to your bathroom decor with these more romantic shower curtains. Ruffled shower curtains, like this one from Urban Outfitters, looks especially luxurious when paired with a claw foot tub. Flowery patterns in gray hues are also a great option, like this shower curtain from Target.
Which of these gray shower curtains do you like best? Let us know below!


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