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Going GaGa for Granite: Which Color Matches Your Personality?

Granite countertops add a powerful touch of sophistication to any bathroom. They also are the perfect medium to express your personality. Which type of granite is right for you?

Black Granite: 

If you like formality, luxury, and elegance, black granite is for you!

Sophisticated and Smart; Black Granite is Your Bathroom's Tuxedo.
White Granite:
This type of granite is perfect for all of those "neat freaks" out there! Just think clean, simple, and bright.
White Granite is also great for individuals with smaller than desired bathrooms. Just like a good mirror, or Rotator Rod, white granite can help to create a roomier bathroom atmosphere.
Gold Granite:
Both regal and rustic, gold-toned granite adds the perfect touch of nature in a modern home and bathroom.
Blue Granite:

Looking to add a bit of fashion and flare into your bathroom? Blue granite may be the countertop choice for you!

My favorite granite color?: Orange/Brown
This type of granite is warm and inviting. Plus it reminds me of a small cottage I once stayed at during a visit to Tuscany.
Do you have granite countertops? Which color of granite do you prefer?


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