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5 Spooky Shower Curtains for Halloween

Need some last minute decorating ideas for Halloween? A new, spooky shower curtain is an easy way to make a big change with very little effort. This year you can find all types of fun Halloween shower curtain designs that range from kid-friendly to very scary! Here are some of our favorites for Halloween 2013.
Spooky Shower Curtains for Halloween 2013 from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod
Spooky Shower Curtains for Halloween 2013 from Bathroom Bliss by Rotator Rod
If you're throwing a kid-friendly Halloween bash, graphic shower curtains are a quick, easy way to decorate your bathroom! This ghoulish castle shower curtain from Terry's Village, above, is a fun way to spice up your children's bathroom. If you're looking for something more hair-raising, the jack-o-lantern faces on this full moon shower curtain from Cafe Press are a little more sinister, above! This beautiful tree shower curtain from Target, below, is a great option if you're looking for a more sophisticated design that can be used the entire fall season.
For a scarier Halloween party, adults are going wild for creepy shower curtains. Is there someone in the shower?! No, that's just a very creepy shower curtain from Urban Outfitters! You can also channel Dexter with this DIY bloody shower curtain from Amazingly Awkward Amy featured on Sewing Room Screams. All you need for this simple project is a white shower curtain, blood red paint, gloves, and gloves to make a sinister crime scene!
Have you come across a great Halloween-themed shower curtain this year? Let us know your favorite for 2013 in the comments below!


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    Good morning, Missy!

    I’m glad you like my blog post on my favorite Spooky Shower Curtains for Halloween 2013. The “Tim Burton” shower curtain is from a great website called Cafe Press. They call the shower curtain the Spooky Jack O’ Lantern Tree Shower Curtain. Here is the link:,885648109

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  • MIssy

    I love what I call the Tim Burton tree shower curtain and was wondering how to order it.

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