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Shower Rod Benefits: Straight vs Curved

The Rotator Rod Provides Benefits No Other Rod Can Because it MOVES Like No Other Rod Does


  • Flips back out of the way when you're not in the shower
  • Expands your BATHROOM space when it's flipped back
  • Drip-Dry your clothes into the tub, not on the floor
  • 22 g stainless steel will not rust
  • "Smooth-Glide" rod design eliminates center bump where curtain gets hung up 
  • Exclusive NO-DRILL Adapters available - mount without drilling into tile, stone or fiberglass
  • Cleaner, fresher bath - shower liner drys quickly because it hangs away from tub wall preventing pooling where mold and mildew fester
  • Custom sizes available on order





This Blog Was Brought To You By Rotator Rod.
The Unique Curved Shower Rod That Moves In and Out
Giving You Expanded Shower Space, a Roomier Bathroom and Much More.






    Shower Rod Benefits:  Straight vs Curved
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