Unique Quik-Dry Shower Liner - 8" Shorter For A Cleaner Fresher Bath – Rotator Rod

Unique Quik-Dry Shower Liner - 8" Shorter For A Cleaner Fresher Bath

Let's face it.  This is gross and we've all seen it.  It's caused by fungus, which lives and grows in any warm, dark, moist environment and it can spring up overnight!

Today's shower liners are still 72" long even though today's tubs are more shallow than ever before.  This causes liners to bunch up in the bottom and collect water in the folds.  Mold and mildew really take hold and before long they're off and running!



Enter the Quik-Dry Shower Liner fighting this growth on 3 levels:  

1)  Its 64" length prevents the bunching and collection of water where mold and mildew take hold.
2)  It  is made of clear PEVA, a sturdy Mildew-Resistant material so growth is inhibited at its source.
3)  The hem is not weighted or magnetized so it's not forced to cling to the side of the tub, but the material is heavy enough to keep it from curling at the bottom.


The Quik-Dry Shower Liner will fit all standard straight and curved shower rods, however, when used with a Rotator Rod, you get the extra benefit of free circulation of air all around the liner when the rod is in the 'IN' position and not being used.  Because of this, the liner hangs freely can dry completely and instantly after showering.  Click on this 6 second video to get the idea. 


Quick note -  this shower liner is perfect when shower curtain rods are hung so that the curtain is about 1-2" off the floor.  If it's too much higher than that, the liner will creep out of the tub and you'll get water on your floor.


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