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Quik-Dry Shower Liner: Shorter Length Means Less Mold and Mildew

Most discussions about bathroom mold and mildew talk about how to get rid of it...with harsh chemicals probably not good for the environment OR the people in your home.  It's time to talk about what can be done to prevent growth.

A little background: Shower Curtain Liners are THE MOST COMMON PLACE in a home for Mold and Mildew to grow because:

  1. Water pools in its folds
  2. It's warm, dark and moist in your shower/tub most of the time and this is perfect for fast growth
  3. Liner Sticks to the side of the tub so there's no air circulating to dry it off
  4. Mold and mildew can thrive with or without air, so the poor air circulation in the bathroom is just fine with them.

I'm a nurse so because of my work the growth of fungus and bacteria are on my mind a lot.  The discoloration of mold and mildew of my shower liner was a constant reminder of what was lurking in my tub.  I've tried lots of remedies.

  •  I tried to get rid of the standing water in my tub by cutting off  the bottom few inches of my shower liner so that it wouldn't bunch up on the floor of my tub.  That worked pretty well but soon the bottom edge started curling up on itself and collecting water again. 
  • Next I would wash my shower liner in the washing machine with bleach and that would help but it made it all wrinkly-looking.  Also it lost whatever  anti-fungal properties were there so after washing even once, I noticed the discoloration of the mold came back even more quickly.
  • I had decided early on that leaving the shower curtain open and all compressed in one corner trapped more dampness and was a bad idea so I made sure the curtain was spread out but tried to get air between the liner and the wall of the tub.  I would stack towels on the tub's ledge to keep it away from the side and that would work but I would forget they were there and turn the water on.  They would fall in and get soaked.  

That brings us to the Quik-Dry Shower Liner.  It's an product I came up with to address all three of the above issues and it really does help.  Here are the differences:

  •  It's 64" long, instead of the standard 72" so it doesn't bunch in the bottom of the tub.  By the way, tubs used to be 18" deep but the newer ones or those in apartments are as shallow as 14".
  • It's also made of PEVA, a clear, durable anti-mold/mildew material vinyl
  • Lastly, if it's used with the Rotator Rod  air circulates all around because it's held away from the side of the tub.  That's another story for another time but I'll leave you with this 5 second video - you'll get the idea.

Is the Quik-Dry Shower Liner the end-all for mold and mildew?  Sadly, no.  Science hasn't found that yet - it's is a step in the right direction though.  I do spend less time scouring the tub and using harsh chemicals, and that's something.