Shower Rod Benefits: Straight vs Curved vs Rotating – Rotator Rod

Shower Rod Benefits: Straight vs Curved vs Rotating

First There Was The STRAIGHT SHOWER ROD And It Was Fine:
  • contained water & kept the bathroom dry

Then Came CURVED SHOWER RODS And They Were Better:

  • expanded shower space by 33%
  • kept the shower liner from clinging to our wet bodies

Now The Rotator Rod Brings All That And SO MUCH MORE

  • Flip it out of the way when you're not in the shower to expand your bathroom space
  • Drip-Dry your clothes into the tub, not on the floor
  • 22 g stainless steel -  will not rust
  • "Smooth-Glide" rod design eliminates center bump where curtain gets hung up 
  • Exclusive NO-DRILL Adapters available for tile, stone or fiberglass
  • Cleaner, fresher bath - shower liner drys quickly because it hangs away from tub wall preventing pooling where mold and mildew fester - See Quik-Dry Shower Liner for instant drying
  • Custom sizes available on order