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Short-Cut Shower Liner

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Shorter Length Means a Cleaner Bath...

  • The #1 place for mold and mildew to grow in our homes in in the bathroom
  • The #1 place for mold and mildew to grow in our bathrooms is in the folds of the shower liner. 

Yes, this is where water pools and sits day and night.  It's all warm and dark and soapy and the little microbes love it.  The Short-Cut Shower Liner changes all that!  It's shorter so it hangs barely touching the floor of the tub and never bunches up like all the other liners.  The Short-Cut can be used with any shower rod, straight or curved and measures 66" in length.  If it's hung at or about the normal 75" off the floor it ends just above the bottom of the tub. 

 To take full advantage of it's quick drying capabilities use it in conjunction with The Rotator Rod - the curved rod that flips in and out for flexible bathroom space.  While in the “in” position the Short-Cut  Shower Liner hangs freely away from the inside wall of the tub allowing air to circulate around it for even more thorough drying and an even cleaner shower.  Then when the Rotator Rod is flipped into the 'out' position for showering, it's fresh and airy!  Made of mildew-resistant PEVA it stays clear and clean!

Benefits at a glance: 
    • Shorter length eliminates "bunching" at tub floor where water collects and promotes the growth of mold, mildew and scum
FACT: Mold and Mildew WILL GROW in Water Trapped in the Folds Of Your Shower Liner.

      During my Nursing Training I learned that bacteria mold and mildew WILL GROW wherever there is prolonged warmth and moisture. It’s a guiding principal caring for patients and also for cleanliness in the bathroom. This was the reason I created the "Short Cut" Shower Liner. The place in your home most prone to warm moist conditions is in your shower and the place where that WARMTH AND MOISTURE GETS TRAPPED is in your shower liner.

Managing this requires 3 things:

Prevent water from being trapped
      and sitting all day. This means eliminating the extra material that bunches on the floor of the tub

Allow air to circulate
      between the tub and liner for complete drying

Use anti-mold & mildew material
      - PEVA is widely used and effective

Based On Customer Feedback
      the Short-Cut Is Now Available With MAGNETS to prevent ‘blow-in’ (ASIN B07BK1C1N3).

      When water is trapped all day it creates little pockets and hiding places for mold and mildew to fester. Short Cut's shorter length eliminates loose material that folds upon itself at the bottom and sides of the tub. It’s heavy gauge material won’t collapse on itself even after warm showers. Short Cut's heavy duty PEVA material is the first barrier against mold and mildew. It has no chlorine and is eco-friendly – even the new packaging is made of environmentally safe EVA.

The Thing About Magnets:

    It is the job of magnets/weights to hold the shower liner to the side of the tub while we shower and it continues to do that when we’re through. For this reason magnets delay the drying process. HOWEVER sometimes they are simply unavoidable. With most fabric curtains and many straight rods magnets or weights are a necessary evil. So, Short Cut Shower Liner comes both with and without magnets.
  • Clear PEVA is eco-friendly and has no strong odors
  • Use with any straight or curved shower rods 


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